Filter and Shoot

Filter and Shoot

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The FASt® column is a novel approach to improved sample preparation for LC/MS analysis. The column employs a one step process to prepare urine samples for analysis of multiple drugs and metabolites. By quickly and efficiently reducing the amount of unwanted matrix (through sorbent adsorption) and particulates (filtering through special frits) in the final sample, the analysis can proceed with less chance of matrix suppression and LC column clogging.

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ImagePart NumberDescriptionCategoriesNarrow By IndustrySizeColumnUnitsPriceBuyhf:categorieshf:att:pa_industryhf:att:pa_sizehf:att:pa_column
ZSFAS020Clean Screen FASt 200mg 10mLCLEAN SCREEN FASt2001050$103.00
clean-screen-fast filter-and-shoot spe21-200a1-10
CSFAS203Clean Screen FASt 200mg 3mLCLEAN SCREEN FAStForensic and Clinical200350$98.00
clean-screen-fast filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical21-2006d-3
CSFAS203-DClean Screen FASt 200mg 3mL BulkCLEAN SCREEN FAStForensic and Clinical2003500$849.00
clean-screen-fast filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical21-2006d-3
WSH96FAS11-10LDClean Screen FASt 96 Well Plate 100mgCLEAN SCREEN FAStForensic and Clinical100961$238.00
clean-screen-fast filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical23-10080-96
WSH96FASTH11-10LDClean Screen FASt THC - 96 Well Plate 100mgCLEAN SCREEN FASt THCForensic and Clinical100961$254.00
clean-screen-fast-thc filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical23-10080-96
CSFASTH203Clean Screen FASt THC 200mg 3mLCLEAN SCREEN FASt THCForensic and Clinical200350$103.00
clean-screen-fast-thc filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical21-2006d-3
CSFASETG203Clean Screen FASt ETG 200mg 3mLCLEAN SCREEN FASt EtGForensic and Clinical200350$101.00
clean-screen-fast-etg filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical21-2006d-3
WSH96FASETG11-10LDClean Screen FASt ETG 96 Well Plate 100mgCLEAN SCREEN FASt EtGForensic and Clinical100961$260.00
clean-screen-fast-etg filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical23-10080-96
ZSFASTH020Clean Screen FASt THC 200mg 10mLCLEAN SCREEN FASt THCForensic and Clinical2001050$89.00
clean-screen-fast-thc filter-and-shoot spe91-forensicandclinical21-200a1-10